Engineered wood flooring is built in layers; as such it makes it more resistant to changes in temperatures and humidity than solid wood.


Engineered hardwood flooring can be installed in any room of the home.


  • 2/15 x 125 mm x 400-1500 mm
  • 2/15 x 150 mm x 400-1500 mm
  • 3/15 x 125 mm x 400-1500 mm
  • 3/15 x 150 mm x 400-1500 mm


  • Provides greater stability
    Will not react to temperature changes, particularly where moisture or heat poses problems for solid floorings.
  • No compromise with the aesthetic appeal
    Modern techniques applied for the fabrication of Engineered wood flooring yield highly attractive and visually appealing boards of Engineered wood
  • Consistent
    In terms of fabrication material, patterns, designs and quality
  • Easy to install
    With the use of floating method or traditional Tongue and Groove method

of Deco ArkĀ®
Pre-finished Engineered
Flooring System